Witness Patrick Marlborough ‘Killing Rove’ in Northbridge on April 1

Patrick Marlborough is one of the best Australian writers to write words.

You have read their work on The Guardian, The Saturday newspaper, Vice, rolling stoneand saw their Twitter posts go viral for exposing the grudge of the ‘display a pet, plant a tree’and now they’re hitting the stage in Perth after their success at the Fringe Festival before heading to Melbourne for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival for their solo comedy show ROVE KILLING.

The press release is below for all the details, but I want to say that Patrick is one of the most sincere people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing (numerically at least) and their messages never fail to make me laugh, smile, or think about what’s going on in the Australian art scene. Do yourself a favor and offer $25 to one of the best comedians and writers working today, and have a great night.

Now roll over the press release…

Patrick Marlborough is a writer, comedian, Rove stan, and bipolar autist. Playing the role of Rove McManus, the line between imitation, homage and illusion begins to blur, as they seek the answer to the age-old question… what is it! ?

ROVE KILLING is a new comedy special from writer and comedian Patrick Marlborough (Vice, The Guardian, Rolling Stone, The Saturday Paper). Part stand-up, part audiovisual collage, part psychotic break, ROVE KILLING is a maniacal examination of Australian culture and its stagnation, as well as a stark depiction of the limits of artistic representations of life on the spectrum and madness as a whole.

Joined by a floating head of Peter Helliar (the “Peter Hell-AI”), sponsored by Boko Haram, and powered by a Neighbors approved line of nootropics (with amphetamines), ROVE KILLING is a stacked joke about Australia’s whirlwind demolition during the Howard years, which she says might never have ended.

Malborough says: “This show is king of comedy meets Australian defamation law. This is me trying to understand the ugliness of a very special time in Australia, what I call ‘the DVD menu years’, and how it still dictates everything today, from our culture to our politics to my own mindset.

“The most entertaining psychotic break I’ve ever been to…huge energy for Charlie Day” ★★★★½ Food Cravings

Part Saturday morning cartoon, part descent into madness, part middle finger to neuroptypic sensitivities. I loved. ★★★★★ Sonny Yang

“A Tsunami of Subversion” ★★★★ Flip Magazine

“I laughed so much that I almost threw up” ★★★★★ Audience Member

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DATES AND TIMES: April 1, 7 p.m.

LOCATION: The Rechabite Hall, Northbridge

TICKETS: $25 at megatix.com.au

HYPEROVEALIZATION by Patrick Marlborough on Vimeo.

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