What is your favorite video game OST? I will go first

Here I am, once again, looking for player opinions.

Like I said before, I love it. I love hearing about people’s personal experiences with video games. It makes me smile. I love knowing a game made you cry, I love knowing a game took years off your life. I have a lot of games that have done these things to me, and I’ve talked about them at length before.

So here I am again with a simple question:

This is a difficult question for many players, myself included. It’s really hard to choose a single video game soundtrack that is harsh or takes us back to when we first played the game.

In my opinion, as someone who writes about video games, makes music, has a deep love for video game music, and even made music for an unreleased video game project in the past, I I feel like I can talk about it at length.

When I think of what makes a video game soundtrack, there are a few things that come to mind. Most importantly, however, is that it should be a piece of music intrinsically tied to the game it originated from, that sounds great, makes a name for itself, but sits comfortably in the background. Another special thing that can make a video game soundtrack great that isn’t very common is if it’s used as part of the gameplay. I believe The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is a great example.

As mentioned, choosing a favorite soundtrack from a video game is difficult, because there are so many good ones. That’s why I’m open to accepting a top 3, only because that’s exactly what I’m going to do when I tell you mine.

  • Subtitle – It is quite appropriate that the soundtrack of my favorite game is also from my favorite game. Maybe it’s because the soundtrack is part of what made it my favorite game. SubtitleThe soundtrack of , every time I listen to it, kind of takes me back to when I played it. Very precisely, each track (even the covers) is so emblematic of each field that I feel transported every moment of this game from which they come. I love it. Toby Fox really killed this one, I’m not going to lie.
  • Journey – Honestly, this soundtrack just makes me cry. Just like the game did. It’s hard to believe that the composition of the soundtrack was so simple, which I only learned after “re-imagining” JourneyThe soundtrack of was released this year. Beautiful things.
  • We love Katamari – Yeah, that soundtrack just slaps. I can’t say much else. We love KatamariThe soundtrack goes just like hell. I feel immense joy every time I listen to it. It rocks.
  • Oh my god, there are so many more. It’s hard. Why did I do this? There are so many others.

As you can see, the question above was a tweet. This elicited many responses. Here are a few, so you can see if your tastes match:

And of course, the only correct answer:

These are just a few answers provided, but now I turn to you. Which video game soundtrack is your favorite? Which one really stayed with you? Which one did you save on Spotify or bookmark on YouTube? Let us know!

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