These 13 Little Museums in Upstate New York Tell Incredible Stories

While upstate New York is known nationwide for many of our most famous larger museums (think glass and baseball, for example), there are many smaller, “off the grid” museums. “, which also deserve your attention. This list presents 13 of them.

Here we will describe some museums that you may not have heard of before. Like an Underground Railroad museum located within walking distance of one of the Adirondacks’ most popular natural sights. But many have missed this important museum. How about a museum dedicated to the very important musical instrument called the Kazoo? Yes, in western New York. And it’s a blast.

There is a great motorcycle museum on this list. Funniest of all is that this museum has two “walls of death”. Do you remember those from the old county fairs? The motorcycles climbed higher and higher, going faster and faster inside a silo. We watched wide-eyed as they got so close to the top we could almost touch them. How did they do this? Check it out on this list.

Another favorite is a Finger Lakes museum which is dedicated to a movie. Not just any old movie either. This movie has often been named the most beloved American Christmas movie of all time. Find out why this small upstate village has a museum for this movie. It’s fascinating.

We hope you enjoy this list. Of course, there are many other smaller museums that we will visit on this page in the future. But for now, go, explore, and enjoy these 13 “off-the-grid museums” in upstate New York.

Don’t miss these 13 amazing (and off the grid) museums in upstate New York!

Upstate New York is famous for its nationally renowned museums, such as the Corning Museum of Glass or the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. But there are plenty of other smaller, lesser-known museums that any visitor should put on their upstate New York to-do-and-see list.

Here is a list of 13 museums you may not know about. Some are quirky, some are important, some are fun, some are, how shall we say, “out there”. But all of them deserve a visit from you soon!

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