The top 7 painting exhibitions to see in London this summer

Tabish Khan the @LondonArtCritic chooses his favorite exhibitions to see in London where an installation or installations make up the bulk of the show. Each comes with a concise review to help you decide if it’s for you. Those looking for more exhibits should check out his art installation exhibits, where all but one remain open.

Sholto Blissett: Ship of Fools @ Hannah Barry Gallery
These stunning landscapes feature abandoned architecture as if humans have just left and nature is swiftly returning to destroy it as buildings teeter over waterfalls and on unstable ground, blending an environmental message with the painting’s rich history. of romantic landscape. Until August 13.

Nelson Makamo @ Rise Art, 67 Great Titchfield Street
The stereotypical image of children in Africa often shows them in difficult situations to raise funds for charity campaigns. Nelson Makamo shows us a different angle that also attracts children playing, smiling and being comfortable. These are intimate drawings and paintings where he captures some of their innocence and spirit in his works. Until August 25.

Sougwen Chung: Virtual Ink @ Gillian Jason Gallery
These simple portraits created with sparse lines appear to have been made with traditional brushstrokes but were actually created in virtual reality before being printed on paper or silk hung in the gallery. The virtual and physical worlds are linked by these beautiful works in their simplicity. Until August 13.

Araminta Blue: Limon @ Rosenfeld
His large-scale paintings moved away from the more figurative works that first attracted me to his work, and ventured more into the abstract – while remaining true to his awe-inspiring style. From the references visible in the pieces, it is clear that these new works reflect her recent motherhood, and the move to larger pieces sees her work evolve in a new direction. Until July 30.

Catherine Goodman: And everything changed in Marlborough
Figures blend into the natural world around them in these large, expressive gesture paintings. These views of people reconnecting with nature are one for painting fans, as the works are incredibly textured. Until August 26.

Ross Taylor: Moment of the season @ Beers London
Bursting with color, these landscapes can be based on the real world, but amplified to another level with vivid hues that make them feel almost alien. These dreamlike paintings are a feast for the eyes. Until September 3.

Kyle Barnes: Second Skin @ Albemarle Gallery
These hyper-real portraits show faces covered in liquid, as if soaked in oil. The most impressive are those that give the impression of being covered in liquid metal, as the artist has beautifully captured the reflective surfaces. Until August 28

Photo by Ross Taylor: Damian Griffiths. All images are copyrighted by the artist and the gallery.


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