Royal Family: The Queen’s great-granddaughter who could break royal tradition at the new school

The Queen’s great-granddaughter Savannah Phillips could break royal tradition after turning 11 at the end of last year.

Savannah is the daughter of the Queen’s eldest grandchild, Peter Phillips, and his ex-wife, Autumn, and is the granddaughter of Princess Anne. She turned 11 on December 29, 2021, meaning she left for secondary school in September.

His parents have yet to say whether they will follow royal custom by sending him to a boarding school. Whatever they decide, it could set a precedent for the rest of the Queen’s 11 other great-grandchildren, with Savannah being the oldest of the group.

The usual thing to do is to send the children to boarding schools such as Gordonstoun. Princess Diana was reportedly devastated to send Princes William and Harry to boarding school, but reluctantly agreed.

The Queen and her late husband Prince Philip with their great-grandchildren

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Mike Tindall has already made it clear that this is not something he wants for his three children. In October he revealed his two daughters Mia and Lena had changed schools and in 2016 he told a Daily Mail editor he wouldn’t want to send his eldest too far.

He said: “I certainly don’t want to send Mia to boarding school across the country. I know a lot of people who say boarding school was made out of them because they forged a lot of independence from their parents, but I don’t really want her away from us .

“My school was public and many of my classmates lived there, but I was only a day student and that certainly didn’t hurt me. On the contrary, I enjoyed the best of both worlds.”

Max Momby/Indigo/Getty Images
Peter and Autumn have two daughters, Savannah and Isla

He added: “Personally, I prefer that she attends a nearby school, where we will always be close at hand if she needs us. Everything else is against my instincts.”

Peter and Autumn no doubt discuss the subject of Savannah’s upbringing with her sister Zara and her husband Mike Tindall as the cousins ​​are said to be very close. Although royal tradition is not something Peter and Zara need to worry about as they are not officially royals.

It’s also unclear where Kate Middleton will send her children when they’re old enough. Kate was said to be deeply unhappy at her first boarding school, but then found her feet again when her parents transferred her to Marlborough College in Wiltshire.

So the spotlight will be on Savannah to see what happens to her. At some point, she probably would have followed in the footsteps of her father Peter and aunt Zara to Prince Charles’ tough Scottish school dubbed “Colditz with kilts.”

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