Pennsylvania could beat us at the tomato pie game

My daughter works at a large hospital in Philadelphia. Recently, a colleague of hers ordered a tomato pie for a colleague who was leaving. He is a huge pizza fan and prides himself on making his own.

So they ordered her a tomato pie WITH HER PICTURE ON IT! How do they do this? With parmesan!

Photo by Dennis Malloy

Photo by Dennis Malloy

The place is called Conshohocken Italian Bakery in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia.

We searched high and low for a pizza place or bakery that does this in New Jersey and came up empty.

We’ve all seen birthday cakes with pictures for years, but a tomato pie with a logo or picture is a big step up.

Photo via

Photo via

Not sure if they have a patent on this process, but only in America can you get your picture on a pizza.

They have to use a special imaging/screening/pulverizing process and very finely grated, dry Parmesan cheese in the process.

Pure genius.

I can only imagine the hand gestures you would get from a pizza maker or bakery in Italy if you asked or even suggested such a thing.

Photo Dennis Malloy

Photo Dennis Malloy

So we hope that a pizzeria or bakery somewhere in New Jersey offers such a masterpiece.

If you know of one, please let us know. Otherwise, New Jersey is a step behind our western neighbors in Pennsylvania in the pizza/tomato pie game.

It can’t hold. If George Washington had known he could get tomato pie with the American flag on it in Pennsylvania, he never would have crossed Delaware to New Jersey.

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