New Modern Exhibitions Showcase a 20th Century Master and Emerging Force


The Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art has a crush on the works of two special artists – Milton Avery and Frances Stark. Both exhibitions begin this month. The Milton Avery exhibition is already open and visible until January 30. The Frances Stark exhibition opens on November 19 and will run until January 9.

The Avery exhibit is the first major investigation of a true 20th century American master. Avery (1885-1965) has long been recognized as one of the most influential American artists of his time. Portraits and landscapes are included in the compositions with his subjects taken from everyday life. Avery played a pivotal role in the development of Abstract Expressionism and has been associated with artists such as Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman, and Adolph Gottlieb.

Milton Avery goes from impressionism to the abstract. Fishing village (1939)

Showcasing around 70 works, dating from the 1910s to the mid-1960s, the exhibition opens with Avery’s works through the early 1940s. This reveals the influence of the American Impressionists and his long-standing appreciation of the countryside.

The second chapter of the exhibition presents Avery’s work from the mid to late 1940s, when the artist’s attention began to shift towards a greater focus on form. Avery’s late work, from the 1950s to the early 1960s, reveals the impact of modernists, in particular Henri Matisse, and shows increasingly abstract compositions.

“I have long been fascinated by the remarkable work of Milton Avery and the important role he played in the development of American art in the 20th century,” says exhibition curator Edith Devaney of the Royal Academy of London Arts. “This is the opportune time to celebrate his tremendous accomplishments and his continuing influence.”

FOCUS: Frances Stark

The FOCUS series at the Modern Art Museum features three solo exhibitions each year. These began in 2005, and the series is committed to introducing visitors to emerging artists – those who are increasingly acclaimed around the world. Like Frances Stark.

“Stark is an interdisciplinary artist and writer whose work comes in many forms, including painting, video, collage, performance and drawing. The works often reflect a particular subject with which she is engaged, such as pedagogy, literature, relationships, art, music, sex, procrastination and motherhood, ”notes a version of Modern.

While these themes are of personal interest to Stark, she is often influenced by the various books she reads. A dominant theme in this exhibition is that of censorship. Stark said the series is “clearly a provocation painted in overly broad strokes – an angry, exasperated and only half-ironic amplification of the anger and frustration of culturally disenfranchised people.”

The FOCUS series celebrates the works of Frances Stark. Censorship Now (2017).

Stark was born in 1967 in Southern California and lives and works in Los Angeles. FOCUS: Frances Stark is the artist’s first solo exhibition in a museum in Texas and features new and recent works from the past five years.

“All of the work of the past five years addresses not only the branding of books as a haptic experience and something that portrays the meeting of minds (reader and writer, artist and viewer), but also the culture of voyeurism to which we got used to it. as the media world has usurped much of our cultural landscape, ”Stark said.

FOCUS exhibitions are included in general admission to the museum.

Count these two stimulating exhibitions at Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art like some of the things art lovers are most grateful for this fall.


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