Marlborough Gallery represents Le’Andra LeSeur –

Marlborough Gallery now represents Le’Andra LeSeur
Marlborough Gallery, which has offices in New York and London, will now represent the New Jersey-based multidisciplinary artist Le’Andra LeSeur. Working through various mediums, including video, installation, photography, painting, and performance, LeSeur’s practice examines topics related to blackness, homosexuality, and femininity.

Blum & Poe now represents Anna Park
Blum & Poe announced that they have added a South Korean-born, Brooklyn-based artist Anna Park to his list. Park produces charcoal drawings that draw on traditions of abstraction and figuration. Park’s first solo exhibition with the dealer opened in Tokyo last September. A solo presentation dedicated to his work is set to open in the gallery space in Los Angeles in 2022.

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Basel List Fair launches online artist index
Listing, an art fair in Basel dedicated to showcasing emerging artists and running alongside Art Basel, has launched a new digital search forum that includes an index of nearly 200 emerging artists who have recently exhibited with the place. The new business, Shipping List, hosts information about artists who exhibited their work on the Showtime List between 2020 and 2021, with plans to add 80 new artists each year.

Composite image of two portraits: on the left, a white woman with blond hair is seated at a desk;  on the right, a black woman stands in a gallery

Kristin Korolowicz (left); Briana Pickens (right).
Patrons Gallery

Chicago’s Patron Gallery appoints two trustees
Chicago Gallery patron, which was founded in 2015 by Emanuel Aguilar and Julia Fischbach, appointed two new directors: Briana Pickens and Kristin Korolowicz. Pickens joins Patron of the Rhona Hoffman Gallery. Korolowicz, curator and freelance writer, has held positions at the Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden in Washington, DC, The Bass in Miami, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.

Nino Mier now represents Tony Matelli
Los Angeles-based gallery Nino Mier now represents New York sculptor Tony Matelli, known for using figuration, botanical elements and abstract forms in sculptures that deal with themes of strangeness and displacement.

Rediscovered Alexej von Jawlensky seller plans to support eco-farm
A painting recently rediscovered, Head of a woman with flowers in her hair (circa 1913), by the Russian expressionist Alexej von Jawlensky sold for 2.9 million euros ($3.3 million) at German auction house Ketterer Kunst earlier this month. It had been in the same family collection for a century and was authenticated by the Jawlensky Archives in 2017. In a press release from the auction house, the anonymous seller said he would donate part of the profits to a ecological farm at home. Region. “They urgently need money for future investments,” the sender said of the recipient, whose name has not been revealed. “Parting with Jawlensky’s work after so many decades is not easy for me. Perhaps my donation will inspire other collectors to follow a similar path.

Deli Gallery now represents Brianna Rose Brooks
from Tribeca Deli Gallery now represents an artist based in New York Brianna Rose Brooks. With a master’s degree in painting from Yale, Brooks creates portraits, using airbrush and screen printing, to depict scenes of adolescence. In 2018, Deli Gallery hosted Brooks’ first solo exhibition ‘Love You Coz You Always Tell the Truth’. The dealer will hold a solo exhibition of their work in June 2022.

Christie’s and Sotheby’s London Old Masters Evening Sale fall from pre-pandemic levels
London evening sales for Old Masters this month saw sales for Christie’s and Sotheby’s dip below their pre-pandemic levels. Last week, the two sales generated a combined total of £29.3 million ($39 million), down 20% from the combined total of £36.4 million ($48 million ) that the two equivalent sales in London made together in 2019.

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