List names 2022 exhibitors, including two Ukrainian galleries –

List, a fair that spotlights young galleries, has revealed the 82 exhibitors who will take part in this year’s edition, which runs alongside Art Basel in the Swiss city from June 13-19. Among the exhibitors are two Ukrainian galleries presented for the first time at List.

The two spaces, Naked Room and Voloshyn, earned their place after two Russian galleries, Fragment and Osnova, lost their places last month in response to the war in Ukraine. The Naked Room and Voloshyn are both based in Kyiv.

“Additionally,” List said in its announcement, “some of our Eastern European galleries will use their presence at the fair to give Ukrainian art a platform by expanding their presentations with Ukrainian artists.” .

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Often operating as a more forward-thinking counterpart to the more blue-chip Art Basel, List has become known over the past two and a half decades for its international reach and offbeat offerings.

Also among those exhibiting for the first time at List this year are François Ghebaly, a closely watched gallery with spaces in Los Angeles and New York, and rhizome, an Algiers-based gallery that counts as one of two only African companies presenting at List this year. (Still, that means there are more African exhibitors than at the 2021 edition of List, where there was just one.)

The list of exhibitors for the 2022 edition of List is as follows:

A. Romy, Zürich
Adams and Ollman, Portland
Allen, Paris
Bel Ami, Los Angeles
Bianca D’Alessandro, Copenhagen
empty, Cape Town
Bombón, Barcelona
Capsule, Shanghai
Ciaccia Levi, Paris and Milan
CLC Gallery Venture, Beijing
Climate, Milan
Company, New York
Crisis, Lima
Damien & The Love Guru, Brussels and Zurich
Dastan, Tehran
Drei, Cologne
Efremidis, Berlin
El Apartamento, Havana
Emalin, London
Embajada, San Juan
Empty Gallery, Hong Kong
Eugster II Belgrade, Belgrade
ExoExo, Paris
Fanta-MLN, Milan
Felix Gaudlitz, Vienna
Femtensesse, Oslo, Bogotá
Francois Ghebaly, Los Angeles and New York
Franz Kaka, Toronto
Holiday Gallery, Shanghai
Gianni Manhattan, Vienna
Fair weather, North Little Rock and Chicago
Harlesden High Street, London
Hot Wheels, Athens
Kai Matsumiya, New York
Kogo, Tartu
LC Queisser, Tbilisi
Lodos, Mexico
Lucas Hirsch, Dusseldorf
Lungley, London
Madragoa, Lisbon
Marfa’, Beirut
Martina Simeti, Milan
Matthew Brown, Los Angeles
Mujin-to Production, Tokyo
Neue Alte Brücke, Frankfurt am Main
Nir Altmann, Munich
Noah Klink, Berlin
Oktem Aykut, Istanbul
palace business, copenhagen
Parallel Oaxaca, Oaxaca
Parliament, Paris
Peana, Monterrey and Mexico
philipzollinger, Zurich
Piedras, Buenos Aires
Pictogram, Warsaw
Polanski, Prague and Brno
Project realization, Taipei
rhizome, Algiers
Sandwich, Bucharest
Untitled (2016), Paris
Selma Feriani, Tunis
Seventeen, London
Soft Opening, London
Sophie Tappeiner, Vienna
Southard Reid, London
Sultana, Paris and Arles
Sunny, London, Zürich
Super Dakota, Brussels
Suprainfinit, Bucharest
Freshwater, Berlin
Tabula Rasa, Beijing
Temnikova & Kasela, Tallinn
The Bare Room, Kyiv
The Ryder, Madrid
Union Pacific, London
Vanguard, Shanghai
Voloshyn, Kyiv
Weiss Falk, Basel and Zurich
Wschód, Cologne and Warsaw

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