Guillermo del Toro defends Martin Scorsese from ‘hostile’ hit

LR Del Toro photo John Phillips/Getty Images, Scorsese photo Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

The Oscar-winning director Guillermo del Torobetter known for his work than his opinions, recently came to the defense of fellow director Martin Scorsese after an article by The critic criticized the Freedmen director.

The article is titled “Martin Scorsese: Rinse and repeat self-indulgence”. The caption of the article claims that the director has “debased his talent”. And that’s just the title! The article itself isn’t much nicer. Here are a few examples: Scorsese “has never been so great as occasional masterpieces like Freedmen (1990) led us to believe that it was.

The author of the article also says that the director “just moves the furniture” with his new films. Either way, you get it. Enter the usually low-key del Toro, who took the unusual route of voicing his issues with the article on Twitter. And the boy did.

“I very, very rarely post anything contradictory here – but – the amount of misconceptions, sloppy [inaccuracies] and hostile adjectives unsupported by real justification are offensive, cruel and ill-intentioned. This article got them traffic, but at what cost?

That’s not all. Del Toro then says he’d be happy to die to make Scorsese live longer – a little dramatic, sure, but he’s the director of The shape of waterafter all.

“To be clear: if God offered to shorten my life to lengthen Scorsese’s, I would take the deal. This man understands cinema. Defend the cinema. Embodies cinema. He always fought for art and against industry. It has never been tamed and has a special place in history.

He also slams the article claiming that he does not slam the articles, which is delicious doublespeak that would make any politician proud.

“I don’t talk shit, I don’t ‘snap’ and I support – but if anyone thinks WWS is ‘…awfully slow’ or that angry bull is ‘…bad cinema’ and that ‘No studio dares say ‘no’ to it.’ Film language discussions, history lessons, and research may be required.

Del Toro was not alone in his criticisms. Former Daily Show writer Dan McCoy also fired the magazine’s article.

“If you didn’t pay anything for this item, you paid too much. It’s not just that I think it’s a bad review – criticism can be uplifting even when you disagree – it’s that the writing fails to make a convincing point and that the (very little) supporting “evidence” is laughable.

Writer Patrick Marlborough, who uses the Bang Bang Bart Twitter account, said “If anyone other than a 14-year-old virgin wrote this, they should sincerely question every decision they’ve made in their life, especially the decision to write movie reviews.”

The spokesperson, for his part, tweeted the article at least three times.

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