Delayed payment – loans and leasing

Have you taken out a loan or signed a leasing contract and your monthly payments are behind schedule? What are the consequences of this delay? Is there a way to defer certain monthly installments? When does the situation become dangerous? Can the life partner be consulted by the bank?

If you take out a personal loan, you undertake to repay an amount X each month for a certain term. Many unpredictable events can drive your finances into the red, which can lead to late payment of some or all of your bills.


1. Payment after a reminder

loan payment

In the first case, you pay the monthly installment of your loan or lease after a reminder. They say that after all it is an invoice like any other, and that a delay in payment is a minor error that has no consequences other than administrative costs. You cannot imagine that a future loan or leasing application could suffer.

But that’s how it is! The ZEK already sees this stage as a serious mistake that affects your trust index. You will receive a code ZEK 03 that will remain in effect for 5 years. In this way, it is very likely that all credit or leasing applications applied for within this period will be rejected.

For this reason, you should avoid any delay in payment, whatever the cost. Except with Lend Now, which gives you 2 wild cards.


What do these payments look like, is it interest on arrears, fixed costs?

The fixed costs for these fines start at 15.- and can be up to USD 100. These amounts vary from bank to bank and are set out in the general terms and conditions.

Exception with Lend Now

Credit-Now allows the monthly installments to be deferred twice without additional interest payments or entry at ZEK.

Some banks grant this option in exceptional cases without consequences for the customer, but not officially and rather rarely.


2. Reduction of the monthly rate

credit loans

In the second case, your financial situation will no longer allow you to pay the entire monthly installment. So ask your bank to reduce this rate.

This leads to a code ZEK 04, even worse than code 03. It also remains in effect for 5 years.


3. Delay that reaches 10% of the claim

credit payment

In the event of a serious delay that reaches 10% of the net amount of the debt, the bank has the right to demand the total amount of the claim plus interest immediately.

In general, this procedure takes place before a court. The customer is forced to repay the entire loan immediately. If he is unable to do so, a debt enforcement procedure is initiated.

If the person lives in a relationship and the partner is solvent, the bank can also contact them.