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Looking for some great programs to check out this month? GBH Passport is where you should be looking, and below are a few selections from Ron Bachman, Senior Director of Programming, and Devin Karambelas, Director of Programming. The member benefit that gives you extensive access to an on-demand library of quality public television programming, GBH Passport features current and past seasons of PBS and GBH shows – including drama, science, history. and the arts. Watch anytime on or on the PBS application.

Power of flour

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This entertaining new series from BBC Scotland pits fellow pastry chefs against each other in the ultimate office competition – the battle to be crowned the best baker in the business. From designers to distillers, teachers to charity workers, amateur bakers from all walks of life come together to bake their best cookies, scones, cakes and brownies. But this is a full-scale workplace war, and they’ll need all of their skills to prove they can handle the heat. Once the dough has risen and the dust has settled, who will win the Flour Power trophy? Scratch your Great British Pastry Fair itching here. —Ron


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Do you remember this one? Kenneth Branagh, whose semi-autobiographical film Belfast hits theaters in America this month as Kurt Wallander, a detective inspector from the small Swedish town of Ystad, in this adaptation of Henning Mankell’s novels. At the series premiere on Mystery of the masterpiece in 2009, one of Wallander’s colleagues was played by a then little-known actor by the name of Tom Hiddleston, whose role of Loki in various Marvel films came thanks to the star of the series: Branagh recruited the actor for 2011 Thor when he made this movie, and the rest, as they say, is cinematic history. This is a terrific (albeit dark) mystery series, so here’s your chance to see it if you missed it, or revisit it in all its dark glory. —Ron

You won’t kill, season 3

Streaming on Passport from November 18

The third season of the Italian crime drama arrives on Passport this month, starring former Miss Italy Miriam Leone as Detective Valeria Ferro. Set in industrial Turin, the series doesn’t trade off the usual Italian stereotypes of sunshine, gorgeous architecture, and mouth-watering food. Instead, it dives into the gritty and sordid belly of the country. Concrete example: when the body of a young woman is found near an apiary with her hands cut off, Ferro learns that the victim’s twin sister committed suicide a few months earlier, or did she commit suicide? (If the answer is ‘yes’ there wouldn’t be much mystery here, so draw your own conclusions.) —Ron

Yung Punx: a punk parable

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The musicians of the punk band Color Killer may be between 8 and 12 years old, but don’t let that fool you, these kids are eleven. This charming documentary follows the band’s comrades, originally from Marlborough, MA, and their supporting manager / roadie / driver parents as they navigate the notoriously punk world of basement practices, dive bars, festival concerts and recording sessions, culminating in an invitation to play The Warped Tour. But can Dylan, Lincoln, Matt and Nate survive internal tensions and jealousies to put on the biggest show of their young lives? The road to musical stardom is rocky, indeed. Reported by Chris Parnell. –Diviner

Earth Girls

Binge all three seasons from November 27

Shot in and around the perfect Warwickshire, this heartwarming series follows an all-female workforce recruited to work as farm laborers, replacing the men who enlisted to serve in World War II. While there is no shortage of British wartime drama, the life and loves of the Women’s Land Army provide a welcome female perspective on the war effort. Against the backdrop of the Hoxley Estate, Nancy, Joyce, Esther, Bea and Annie do their best to keep the Home Front functioning amid romance, feuds, rural chores, and a German on the loose (!) . This Passport exclusive should resonate with fans of Call the midwife, Bletchley’s circle and Domestic fires. —Devin

Independent objective: tax free

Streaming on Passport from November 22

For decades, Rebecca Danigelis worked tirelessly as a cleaner in a Boston hotel to give her two sons every chance of success. But when she was unexpectedly fired at the age of 75, she found herself with few savings and little job prospects. Rebecca’s son and filmmaker Sian-Pierre Regis, a former MTV and CNN contributor, documents Rebecca’s story in poignant detail, deciding to repay her sacrifices by taking her on an unforgettable journey. Duty free deftly examines sobering realities for millions of aging Americans facing economic insecurity, but the love between Rebecca and Sian-Pierre is a joy to watch. —Devin

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