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If there’s one mistake you don’t want to make in life, it’s taking out a bad loan. Suddenly you’re in debt and stuck with bad terms. Your repayment period is unrealistic, the interest rate is sky-high, and your credit ends up in the gutter. Lucky for you, it’s a mistake you don’t have to make. We’re here to share our top four loan networks that offer online payday loans that won’t force you into a cycle of debt.

Anyone looking for a loan will want to consider some key things. All loan offers will differ when it comes to interest rates, additional charges, and credit approval. If you have fairly good credit, you can expect favorable terms as far as the APRs go. If you’re stuck with bad credit, you have to be extra diligent in understanding the terms of your loan and look for a lender willing to loan you money.

Watching out for all these things takes time. On top of that, you have to consider how easy the application process is for each particular lender. Chances are, you’re looking for fast cash. You probably don’t want to spend hours writing out different loan applications if that’s the case. If you choose to use a loan network to send your application out to hundreds of different lenders, you can streamline the whole process by filling out one form. One single form takes five minutes to complete.

We’ve taken a look at the top four places to turn to for online payday loans. We’ve taken everything into consideration and spent a lot of time deciding on the best service. If you’re looking to take out an online payday loan, then stick with us as we get into the nitty-gritty of each company to help you make the best choice.

Best Top 4 Online Payday Loans

  1. MoneyMutual – Overall Best Online Payday Loans, No Credit Check
  2. Bad Credit Loans – Most-Trusted Direct Online Payday Lender
  3. CashUSA – Small Payday Loans Online for Fast Cash Loans
  4. PersonalLoans – Instant Online Payday Loans with Guaranteed Approval

Our Top Picks for Online Payday Loans

#1. MoneyMutual – Overall Best Online Payday Loans, No Credit Check

MoneyMutual is not your typical lender. In fact, they aren’t a lender at all. Instead, what MoneyMutual does is act as a marketplace where lenders and borrowers meet. They provide borrowers with a platform to compare offers from several lenders. The company is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and started operations in 2010.

MoneyMutual only acts as a middleman. Once you receive a loan offer, you will be dealing directly with the lender. The lending company must bring up the terms of your loan and any issues you have after you’ve accepted.

During your loan application process, you’ll have to fill a form on MoneyMutual’s website. On this form, you will have to submit some personal details. Among them are your name, ZIP code, email, phone number, source of income, proof of income, employer’s name and contact details, identity card number, bank routing number, and account number.

All in all, MoneyMutual is about speed and convenience for the borrower. So it’s no wonder they are our most popular pick. They can boast over two million users! With MoneyMutual, the work of finding and choosing a lender for a short-term online payday loan is made easy.


Access to High Number of Lenders: What MoneyMutual does is simplify the loan application process. They allow potential borrowers to submit their details to multiple providers of short-term loans by filling a form on their website. So, instead of applying for short-term loans with different lenders, you just have to fill one online form, and MoneyMutual will forward your details to multiple lenders. These lenders will assess your application separately. You will receive an offer from any one of them who chooses to work with you.

Fast Loan Process: MoneyMutual prides itself on the speed with which users of their services can get their loans approved. In some cases, you could receive loan offers within a few minutes! More often than not, loans are accepted and approved, with funds being deposited in less than 24 hours.

Loan Amounts: Through MoneyMutual, you could get payday loans ranging from $300 to $2,500. We love the flexibility of borrowing as little or as much as you need to see you through the month. It is worth noting that most lenders tend not to approve payday loans over $1000, but if you have good credit, the higher loan amount should be no problem.

Open to All: Getting approved for an online payday loan is sometimes tricky when you’re self-employed. MoneyMutual is one of the few networks that still accepts applications for self-employed people. Furthermore, you can include your pension, social security, disability benefits, and the like as a source of income in your loan application. MoneyMutual works with many lenders who accept potential borrowers with other sources of income. They also accept applications from people with low credit scores. All in all, their platform is super indiscriminate and a great place to turn to regardless of your situation.

Free Financial Information: Another good thing about MoneyMutual is its effort to educate users about loans. There is quite a bit of information on their website to teach you all you need to know about loans and the application process. They also provide helpful articles on how to look after your finances.

Low Prequalifying Requirements: The conditions that must be met to qualify for a short-term loan through MoneyMutual are not difficult at all. They only require potential borrowers to have a regular monthly income of at least $800. You must also be an adult US resident with an active checking account.


  • Free service
  • Loan offers in minutes
  • Funds deposited within 24 hours
  • Simple loan application process
  • Accepts self-employed applications


  • Not available in New York or Connecticut
  • No uniform loan terms or interest rates

⇒Visit the official website of MoneyMutual

#2. Bad Credit Loans – Most-Trusted Direct Online Payday Lender


Bad Credit Loans allows potential borrowers to apply for installment loans ranging from as little as $500 to as high as $10,000. All you need to do is fill the online form on their website, and they will forward your details to several lenders. These lenders then determine if you are a suitable candidate for their loans. Anyone interested in making an offer will send it directly to you.

Also, as their name suggests, Bad Credit Loans specializes in helping people with bad credit ratings secure loans. If you’ve taken out online payday loans before, chances are your credit might have taken a hit. We love that Bad Credit Loans prioritizes offering a reputable place for you to turn to.

To be eligible for a loan application through Bad Credit Loans, you need to be a legal adult US citizen or resident. You also need to have a regular income and a checking account.

They also have plenty of educational resources on their website to teach you some things you need to know about loans and financial literacy. In addition, these resources include a section for news about current scams.


Fast Funds: One of the most exciting features of this service is the speed at which loans can be processed. You could begin to get loan offers just minutes after filling out the online form. And if the loan application is approved, the money could be paid into your checking account in less than 24 hours!

Specializes in Bad Credit Loans: Most traditional loan avenues won’t lend to borrowers with bad credit. Don’t worry. Bad Credit Loans partners with a wide variety of lenders that are accepting applicants from all credit backgrounds. Keep in mind that your credit score will most likely affect the terms of the loan offers. In other words, even though Bad Credit Loans can help almost anyone with a poor credit score, those with the worst credit scores will likely get loan offers with less favorable terms.

Flexible Terms: Loans have a minimum term of three months and a maximum of six years with an Annual Percentage Rate of between 6% and 36%. Specific terms will depend on the details of each loan application. However, we found it useful to see the possible range of terms right off the bat.

Variety of Services: Bad Credit Loans don’t just offer online payday loans. They also offer some other credit-related services. These include linking users up to offers for debt relief and credit repair. There’s no obligation to accept, but it’s nice to have the option.


  • No charges for using the service
  • Easily compare multiple loan offers
  • Accepts applicants with bad credit


  • Less favorable terms for bad credit loans

⇒Visit the official website of Bad Credit Loans

#3. CashUSA – Small Payday Loans Online for Fast Cash Loans


CashUSA can help you get loans of up to $10,000. You only need to fill out a simple online form to get started. Just like some of the other online platforms we love, loans obtained through CashUSA can be deposited in your bank account in less than 24 hours.

The entire application process is straightforward and quick to complete. Once you’ve received a loan offer you’re happy with, you’re redirected to the lender’s official site. This is where you can agree on terms and sign with a simple e-signature. After that, funds are deposited directly into your bank, and you can set up direct deposit repayments too! This is a great way to make sure you’re not late with any of your payments.

One thing worth noting about this company is that they may share some of your contact information for profit when you apply for a loan through them. This is part of how they can keep their service free for users.


Simple and Fast Application: You only need to fill an online form to receive loan offers from interested lenders. Any lenders satisfied with your application will then send you offers. From the moment you apply to the moment your money is deposited, CashUSA helps keep the entire process easy and stress-free. Best of all, your application could be finalized by the lender and the funds deposited into your checking bank account by the next business day.

Eligibility: To be eligible for a loan, you need to meet specific requirements. Firstly, you must be a legal adult citizen (or permanent resident) of the United States. You should also have a steady income after tax of at least $1,000 per month and a personal checking bank account. There is no credit score threshold to meet or any other financial requirements. CashUSA has a fair prequalifying form that makes it a viable option for most people.

Easily Repay the loan: Most of the lenders in CashUSA’s network make repayments hassle-free. They simply withdraw the agreed loan amount from your checking bank account when the due date arrives. This makes it easy and convenient for both parties. The lenders are paid on time, and you get to improve your credit score by never missing a payment. Instead of marking your calendar and scrambling at the last minute to ensure you have the appropriate funds to make your repayment, you can just go about your business, confident that you are on track with your loan.


  • Direct debit repayment schemes
  • High loan amounts of up to $10,000
  • The application is entirely online
  • Access to multiple lenders


  • The interest rates are relatively high

⇒Visit the official website of CashUSA

#4. PersonalLoans – Instant Online Payday Loans with Guaranteed Approval


PersonalLoans is a free service that allows borrowers to apply for a loan simply by filling out an online form. The service maintains a network of independent lenders who will receive your loan application details and send you offers. If you agree to the offer, you could receive the funds in a day or less.

The loan terms depend mainly on the loan amount the borrower needs, their credit score, and other personal details. However, a potential borrower is under no obligation to accept the loan offer. In other words, if you do not like the loan terms, you can walk away without incurring any costs.

The downside of PersonalLoans is that they are slightly less lenient about who can prequalify. To be eligible for a loan through them, you must have a credit rating of 500 or above. This means that people with bad credit can still apply. The FICO scale recognizes anything below 670 to be considered bad credit. However, it does mean that certain people who suffer from extremely poor credit or no credit cannot use this service.


Loan Variety: At PersonalLoans, lenders offer various loan options that range from $1,000 to $35,000. This means they offer significantly higher loans than some of their competitors. In addition, repayment terms are flexible, with some terms lasting three months and others up to six years. The APR on these loans ranges from 6% to 36%, though the exact APR amount will depend on the lender and your situation.

Free Service: Filling out an application for a loan with PersonalLoans is an entirely free service. There are no hidden fees or any costs at all associated with your application. The only time you may face additional charges aside from your loan might be through the actual lender. This money does not go to PersonalLoans.

Additional Services: If no lender offers you a loan, you could receive offers for debt relief, credit monitoring, or credit repair services. These offers would be from partners of PersonalLoans who may have your contact details passed on to them. Some may find these additional offers helpful in improving their financial situation.


  • Loan amounts of up to $35,000 are available
  • Service is provided at no cost
  • Easy application process


  • A minimum credit score of 500

⇒Visit the official website of PersonalLoans

How We Made This List

We used simple criteria to decide which online payday loan providers to recommend. Our primary concerns were ease and credibility. Our top picks are some of the most popular providers and have a great reputation in the financial service industry.

On top of that, we made sure to pick companies that had the largest network of lending partners. We wanted to make sure that you could reach the widest variety of lenders without having to sacrifice your time. Each of our top online payday loan platforms can connect you with a high number of lenders, and you only have to fill out one form.

What We Looked For

Easy Loan Eligibility Requirements: One of the things we specifically looked for when compiling this list is how easy it is to meet the eligibility requirements of these loan facilitators. We went out of our way to find those who are known for having the easiest eligibility requirements. These are also the go-to companies for those with poor credit scores.

Fast Loan Processing: We know how frustrating waiting can be when you’re under pressure. That’s why we also whittled down the list to companies with a reputation for quickly providing online payday loans. Our top picks can process loan applications in as little as one business day. This means that after you apply for the loan, you could have your money in twenty-four hours or less!

Convenience: Remember when you had to get time off work to go to the bank or another independent lender? Losing money to get money? Didn’t make sense, did it? We made sure that we picked the most convenient platforms for you to access online payday loans. All of the companies we listed are accessible 24/7 from any web browser. Whether you’re sitting at your computer at home or looking at your mobile phone. Anytime, anywhere. To apply for an online payday loan, you just need an internet connection.

What to Consider Before You Apply To Get A Payday Loan

If you need a short-term loan to cover some expenses, the loan matching services listed above could help you. But before you go ahead and try them out, let’s take a look at some of the few things you should keep in mind before shopping for an online payday loan.

Interest Rates

The reality is that most people who are looking for an online payday loan often don’t have the best credit. It’s why we made sure to consider whether or not each of our top picks accepted applicants with poor credit standing. While the good news is that they do, the bad news is that this impacts the kind of loan terms you can expect.

Online payday loans are often subject to higher interest rates and additional fees. This means the average APR (Annual Percentage Rate) on these loans is considerably higher than what you may find elsewhere. The reason for this is so that lenders can offset the risk and hassle associated with lending to borrowers with poor credit scores.

However, these online payday loans are generally “unsecured.” This means there is no collateral that you have to put up in place of the loan. This further increases the risk to the lender but makes the loans more accessible to you, the borrower. When looking for an online payday loan, be realistic about the rates you should expect, especially considering your credit score.

If you have good or excellent credit, it may be worth your while to look for a different kind of loan that may have better terms. Ultimately, online services can offer better speed and convenience than traditional loan avenues, so you may have to weigh up the importance of this against the kind of terms you’re offered.

Loan Amount

Just because a lender offers you more money doesn’t necessarily mean you should take it. When considering an online payday loan, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. You have to consider what is best for you. More money now means more money to pay back later. If you’re in a position to do so, this could be an excellent way to build your credit score.

However, if you are already struggling month-to-month, then be wary of increasing your monthly expenses. At the end of the day, an online payday loan is still a loan. The money deposited into your bank account after a successful agreement is not yours to keep.

You have to pay it back, usually with a significant loan amount of interest. Remember, the higher the loan amount, the higher the interest payment. These repayments will often be made in monthly installments after a granted period. So taking out a higher loan means your monthly payments will be higher.

Beware of Scams

Before looking for an online payday loan, familiarize yourself with some of the current and popular scams. It’s never a bad idea to be extra careful about what kind of details you are sharing and with who. If you take the extra time to do a quick search on scams, you’ll be in a better position to recognize one straight away.

The most popular scam associated with payday loans is phishing. In this case, a hacker poses as a legitimate lender and sends you a loan offer with unbelievably generous terms. The only problem is that the loan offer directs you to an online form on a spoof website designed to look very much like that of a reputable loan facilitator. Once you fill in your sensitive personal information, the scammer can use your details for whatever illegal activity they are tied to.

Another common scam starts with a fake phone call from a debt collection agency. These scammers pretend to be from a legitimate lender and claim that you owe money on your loan. Often they may even threaten to have you arrested for your debt. They will ask you to settle all or part of the debt over the phone.


One way of avoiding scams right off the bat is to know how to check a website’s security. Whenever you are applying for an online payday loan, you will have to be prepared to divulge a certain level of personal information. Therefore, you want to know that your details will be safe from hackers. We took the time to ensure that all of the loan networks we’ve recommended here use industry-standard data encryption to keep your information protected.

If you are unsure about a website where you are filling in personal information, check if the site has a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate. First, you can simply click on the padlock in your browser’s URL bar. There should be an option to “view certificates.” Alternatively, you can simply check if the URL for the website starts with HTTP or HTTPS. If there is an ‘s,’ it means the site is secure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Taking out a loan can be a bit nerve-wracking. You might be worried about your eligibility, or you may be concerned about what could happen if you miss a payment. So here are some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to online payday loans.

Q1. How much can I apply for?

Most lenders offer online payday loans of around $1,000. Generally, the maximum loan amount you can expect is close to $10,000, with some exceptions. We recommend looking to borrow as little as possible to see you through the month, but ultimately, you can apply for as much as you want. Whether or not your loan request will be approved is another matter entirely. If you’re looking for an appropriate loan amount to apply for with a higher chance of approval, then take into consideration your financial circumstance. Consider your credit score and monthly income and be realistic about how much you need.

Q2. Can I still apply if I have a poor credit score?

Yes. Most online loan facilitators were explicitly created to serve those with poor credit ratings. Look out for some websites that have a minimum credit score requirement, like Personal Loans, and do a soft check on your credit beforehand to know where you stand. These are free once a year and have no impact on your credit rating. However, you can make better decisions about your financial future if you know your exact credit score.

Q3. Is the personal information I submit secure?

When you fill out a loan application form on the website of any reputable loan facilitator like CashUSA or MoneyMutual, you can be sure your personal information is safe. This is because these websites implement the very best encryption to protect your data.

It is worth noting that some of these online loan facilitators will pass on your contact details to other companies. While they do not share sensitive personal information like bank account details and social security numbers, they will give out other data. This might lead to some unsolicited calls or emails.

Q4. What if I don’t like the loan offers I’m getting?

Some online loan facilitators require you to reapply if you want to receive extra offers. It will just mean filling out the same easy form that you did the first time. If you aren’t happy with the offers you receive, you are under no obligation to accept. There are no charges associated with declining an offer.

Q5. How soon can I have the money I applied for?

Many lenders who offer online payday loans can process loan applications in 24 hours or less. This means that after you agree to the loan terms and sign the necessary documents, you could have the money you need in a matter of hours. In most cases, your lender will pay the money directly into the checking bank account you provided on the loan application.

Q6. How much interest do I have to pay on an online payday loan?

The Annual Percentage Rate for payday loans online depends on a lot of factors. The most important of these factors is the borrower’s credit score. As we explained earlier, those with poorer credit scores tend to get loan offers with much higher interest rates. Generally, the Annual Percentage Rate for a payday loan can be anywhere between 6% and 36%. Other factors that could affect the interest on your loan include:

  • Employment Status — those with steady, secure jobs tend to get lower APRs on their payday loan offers
  • Debt to Income Ratio — the more you owe relative to your income, the higher your interest rates tend to be.
  • Income — borrowers with higher incomes tend to get lower interest rates on loans online.
  • Credit History — if you have no credit history or perhaps a short one, you will likely get a payday loan offers with higher interest rates.

Q7. What is the duration of an online payday loan?

Payday loans online are usually short-term loans you will have to repay the loan as soon as possible. Some of the loan matching services we’ve reviewed here partner with a direct lender willing to offer loans with repayment terms of up to six years. As is the case with most lenders, you can ask for an extension of the loan term. But this will usually attract extra charges. The additional loan amount charged will be stated in the initial loan agreement.

Q8. How do I make a repayment?

Most payday lenders have streamlined the process to repay the loan. It is, after all, to their benefit. More often than not, your repayment will be set up as a direct withdrawal from your checking bank account. You should get an automatic notification of the due date for each installment. All you have to do is make sure you have enough money in the bank to cover the payment.

Q9. What happens if I miss a repayment?

The penalties for missing a payment will be laid out in terms of your initial loan agreement. Penalties will vary across payday lenders and even between loans if you have more than one loan with the same direct lender. Always make sure you go through your loan terms carefully before signing the agreement. In most cases, missing a repayment will attract some charges. If a borrower keeps missing payments, there is also a chance the lender may choose to sue, but that usually only happens in extreme cases. More importantly, a missed payment can cause your credit score to drop drastically. This could make it significantly more difficult for you to secure loans in the future.


Thanks to the rise of online loan facilitators, getting an online payday loan is easier than ever. Traditional loan providers, like the bank, are being outclassed by lower interest rates, less delay, and less hassle! The power finally feels like it is being tipped in favor of the borrower instead of the lender.

Our top picks for online payday loans are marketplaces for borrowers and lenders alike. They have your security, convenience, and time in mind at the heart of what they do. So if you are struggling between paydays and need a little extra to help see you through, an online payday loan could be the solution for you.

However, remember that it is always important to be realistic about your financial situation and loan needs. Never take out a loan that you don’t think you’ll be able to pay back, and always triple-check the terms of your loan agreement. While we’re confident that the fully licensed lenders partnered with each of the networks we’ve recommended here will give you a fair deal, it’s always a good idea to do your research and consider all your options.

Best Online Payday Loans: 2022’s Top Guaranteed Payday Loan Direct Lender For Same Day Loans & Personal Loans| Get Fast Cash Short Term Payday Loans Online From These Popular Direct Lenders Tue, 18 Jan 2022 07:49:47 +0000 Are you facing an emergency situation and in dire need of money? Are you broke and your friends or family members are currently unable to lend you some cash? Well, you DO have an easy and trusted option to turn to — payday loans. These types of loans could help cover your grocery cost, doctor’s […]]]>

Are you facing an emergency situation and in dire need of money?

Are you broke and your friends or family members are currently unable to lend you some cash?

Well, you DO have an easy and trusted option to turn to — payday loans.

These types of loans could help cover your grocery cost, doctor’s visit, car repair, or home renovation and overcome any other kind of financial crunch you may be facing.

These loans are offered for minimal amounts, and many lenders set a boundary on payday loan size. The usual loan limit is $500, though the limit may be above or below this amount.

A payday loan is often repaid in full on the debtor’s next payday or when additional income is obtained, such as from a pension or Social Security. The loan’s due date is usually two to four weeks after the loan is approved.

You may not necessarily have to take this loan from payday lenders in your town. You can connect with all the leading online networks that work with numerous lenders across the country and get approval for an online cash loan.

Apart from driving around the town and looking for direct lenders for online payday loans, you can just submit a form sitting at home that ties you with lenders who are looking forward to working with you based on your requirement. You can find installment loans or short-term loans on the networks that we suggest. The money will be deposited straight into your bank account within 24 hours.

Top 4 Online Payday Loan Facilitators

  1. Money Mutual: Most Popular Platform Online Payday Loans
  2. BadCreditLoans: Best Payday Loan Facilitator For Online Loans
  3. Get Quick Approval Of Same Day Loans
  4. Best Online Lender For Personal Loans

#1. Money Mutual: Most Popular Platform Online Payday Loans

Money Mutual is one of the top-ranked leading online marketplaces for numerous reasons. First, it is a famous network because it helps borrowers connect with the lenders and get the cash within 24 hours. This lender has been helping people with money in times of emergency with the help of short-term loans of up to $5,000 because of its network with a lot of money lenders out there. The loan application is simple and takes only five minutes to complete.

How It Works

The first step would be visiting the official website and filling out the application form. Once your application is submitted, the platform/facilitator will send it to 60 or so lending companies to find you a suitable lender for you. If a lender chooses you and wants to work with you, the website will redirect you to that lender’s website.

From there, you can look into the terms and conditions of the loan and the type of service you want from them. They will contact you through phone or email to know more about you. If the lender is all set to go, you will receive an application with all the specific information, including:

  • The total amount
  • Interest rate
  • Loan term
  • Payment dates
  • Fees and other charges (if any)

Then, it will be your job to go through the information carefully because here, Money Mutual will not interact between you and the lender. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions, you have an offer to cancel the deal. But, if you accept the terms and conditions, there will be a contract where you have to sign.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You have to meet the below-mentioned eligibility criteria if you want a payday loan:
  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • A resident or citizen of the US
  • Have an income of at least $800 per month
  • Have a checking account
  • Have a valid mobile number and email address


Flexible Credit: As Money Mutual works with several lenders, customers have a choice to apply for short-term loans, irrespective of the credit scores. Through Money Mutual, you can choose the terms to your requirements.

Faster approvals: Money Mutual is great for last-minute emergencies, as it offers loans in a few hours, and at times, even minutes. Because of its huge network, it does not take long to get a loan. Simply visit the website and fill out the form.

No Extra Fees: Money Mutual doesn’t require any fees at the time of filling the form and is free of cost. There are no hidden charges. When you are connected to the lender, it might ask for a fee, but when it comes to Money Mutual, it is free.

Simple Online Form: Money Mutual uses an online form that is easy to use, and the form can be filled out in less than five minutes.


  • No extra fees
  • User-friendly website
  • You can get a loan in hours or sometimes even in minutes
  • No lengthy form-filling procedure
  • Easy approvals


  • Money Mutual won’t be responsible for any problems you face after you sign the deal
  • Available only in the US, barring New York and Connecticut
  • A regular source of income is required

=> Click here to visit the official website of MoneyMutual

#2. Bad Credit Loans: Best Payday Loan Facilitator For Online Loans


Bad Credit Loans isn’t connected directly with the lender, but it refers the borrowers to trustworthy lenders and financial service providers that can offer a quick payday loan. This loan is known for its amazing job of explaining how bad credit loans work. It is also known for its commitment to connecting the borrowers to the lenders till the former gets the loan. The site uses innovative encryption technology to keep your information safe and secure.

Bad Credit Loans saves your information and privacy and have 24/7 customer support. You can always go through the terms and conditions before accepting the agreement. You have the option to take a loan of up to $10,000, which is different from all other loan companies.

How it works

As soon as you complete the form, the information is viewed by the lenders. If a lender is ready to work with you, you will be readdressed to the website directly, where you will complete the rest of the forms. Go through the terms and conditions carefully and agree to your preferred deal.

The APRs vary from 5.99% to 35.99%, and the reimbursement tenure ranges from three to 60 months. Bad Credit Loans helps people who do not qualify for a loan because of their low credit scores.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The minimum age requirement is 18 years.
  • The citizen should be a resident or citizen of the US
  • The applicant must be employed
  • Social Security Number is a must
  • A checking account is a must
  • Phone number and email id are required


Security: Bad Credit Loans protects your personal information with the help of data encryption technology. Your information will be safe.

Your terms: Fill out the form anytime you want. Whenever you receive a loan offer, make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully.

Other Services: If you couldn’t find a loan based on your requirements, Bad Credit Loans help you connect with other offers that might be useful for you.

Customer Support: The amazing customer service team can be reached anytime.

Loan Amount: Borrowers can take a loan ranging from $500 to $10,000 in a day.


  • Easy approvals
  • The credit score is not a requirement
  • Free service
  • Wide network of lenders
  • The money will be deposited into the bank account as soon as possible


  • APR can be high
  • APR is different for every borrower

=> Click here to visit the official website of Bad Credit Loans

#3. Get Quick Approval Of Same Day Loans


After Money Mutual and Bad Credit Loans, we recommend that you check out as a payday alternative. The company is very direct about the interest rates on the loans and will make you understand the terms and conditions.

The interest rate varies from 5.995% to 35.99%, with a loan period of 90 days to 72 months. The website explains how a personal loan above $1500 of more than two years looks with an APR of 7.9%. Each month’s payment for two years will be $67.77 for a total reimbursed amount of $41,626.54.

This loan network protects your personal information with industry-standard encryption. You can request a personal loan using’s straightforward online approach, and if a lender approves you, you can get the funds in one working day. If you have a bank account and personal information ready before initiating the request, you might be able to get it sooner.

How it works

To get a payday loan from, start by filling out the application form on its website. Start the procedure by providing your name, email, and the amount you need for loans.

It’ll provide you with a variety of personal information, including:

  • Normal credit range
  • Social security number
  • Any personal information
  • Bank account type and information on deposit
  • Car or house ownership
  • Monthly income
  • Job title

This might seem a lot, but the process takes only a few minutes. Once your information is verified, sends you a complete list of lenders in the network to analyze the loan request.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You have to meet the below-mentioned eligibility criteria if you want a payday loan:
  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • A resident or citizen of the US
  • An after-tax income of $1,000 per month
  • A checking account is a must
  • A working phone number and a valid email id


Easy Online Process: It will take you only minutes to fill out the form.

Better Chances of Loan: Cash USA does ask for a lot of information, including employment data. The purpose is to connect you better with a lender. The more they know about you, the better are your chances of getting a loan.

Fast and Convenient: Filling out the form is pretty fast and straightforward. They can ask you for a lot of information. Still, the procedure is hassle-free.

No Fees: CashUSA is not a lender. Its service is free of cost for all users. The third-party lenders it connects you with might ask for fees, but not


  • Suitable lenders will contact you and quickly.
  • Custom-made loans to suit your history and requirements
  • Available in all 50 US states
  • The loan gets approved within hours
  • Additional resources available
  • The terms and conditions are easy to understand


  • Cash USA is not a direct lender
  • A maximum loan amount of $10,000 can be borrowed
  • The interest rate goes up to 35.99%
  • You won’t know which lenders are viewing your loan request

=> Click here to visit the official website of CashUSA

#4. Best Online Lender For Personal Loans


Personal Loans can help you get a direct loan ranging from $500 to $35000. That maximum amount is generally not what you need for a payday loan because you’ll most likely want to repay it when you get your next salary, just like a cash advance loan. Smaller short-term loans are easier to repay, which is something helps borrowers with by locating lenders who work with people with poor credit but require cash for an emergency.

This network is easily available to you, and requesting a loan using an online application form does not take long. It also doesn’t demand a lot of information, making it simple to complete in a short time. Lenders will review your application and determine whether you are eligible for a loan.

How it works

Once you have completed filling out the form, the information is viewed by the lenders, and they will decide whether they want to work with you. If a lender is ready to work with you, you will be redirected to the website, where you will complete the rest of the forms. Go through the terms and conditions carefully and agree to the deal accordingly. The money will be deposited into your account as early as possible.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You have to meet the below-mentioned eligibility criteria if you want a payday loan:
  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • You should be a resident or citizen of the US
  • You must be employed
  • Social Security Number is required
  • Proof of income is required
  • A checking account is required
  • Phone number and email id are a must


Reimbursement Procedure: You can choose a smaller reimbursement period. So, if you choose to reimburse between three and 72 months, you will have a lot of flexibility. It’s good to pay off the loans earlier to avoid the interest charges.

Loan Amount: The amount ranges between $500 and $35,000.

Interest Rates: The interest rates start from 5.99% and go up to 35.99%

Privacy: Personal Loans protects your personal information with the help of data encryption technology. Your personal information that you share with it will be safe.

Fast and convenient: Easy form filling and faster deposits are the majors when it comes to payday loans, and offers you just that.


  • A huge network of lenders, meaning that a lot of people get fast and easy approvals.
  • Money is deposited into the account within 24 hours
  • There are options if you want to reimburse before time
  • Low interest rates
  • No pressure of repayment
  • No extra fees


  • Higher APRs
  • The interest rates vary
  • Bigger loans can be hard to reimburse

=> Click here to visit the official website of PersonalLoans

What Are Online Payday Loans?

Just like every other loan, identification plays a major role here too. You don’t have to worry or feel tense about the application process, as it is very simple. You will be asked for proper identifications such as a driver’s license, passport, etc. Moreover, you will be asked to submit proof of your income, and this comprises recent payslips (last two to three months) and certification of employment.

Almost all online lenders get done with the borrower qualifications in 24 to 48 hours, whereas banks take up to a week or two. Also, payday loan procedures are simpler and take less time than conventional loans.

To repay the loan, you usually have to write a post-dated check for the total amount, including fees, or authorize the lender to digitally withdraw funds from your bank, credit union, or prepaid card account. The lender can cash the check or electronically remove money from your account if you don’t return the debt on or before the due date.

A payday lender usually does not examine your ability to reimburse the loan while meeting your other financial responsibilities. The loan proceeds may be sent to you in the form of cash or cheque, electronic deposit into your account, or a prepaid debit card.

Payday loans are only for borrowers who are aged 18 or above. Nothing can change this condition. It is common for all lenders to ensure you fulfill this category. Once all of the procedures and requirements are fulfilled, you will be notified about when you will see the loan amount in the account.

How We Prepared This List

Payday loans have been in demand, as they help you with the smallest of financial issues in your day-to-day life. Right from paying for a doctor’s visit to giving child support, a payday loan can come to the rescue. Due to the high demand, every other organization will be ready to give you a payday loan these days.

For this article, we visited several payday loans and online providers to find out the terms and conditions. That’s because numerous organizations promise to provide you with money and end up being a scam. New websites are being pushed to the top of Google because of its Search Engine Optimization even though they lack ratings or just make promises that they never fulfill.

To save you from the scam, we have made a list of the best payday loan providers. We compared their websites, customer ratings, loan options, and services. We understand that loans are as important as choosing the correct financing.

So, we started removing online payday loan companies that weren’t appropriate or looked like they could not fulfill all the requirements. We read the online articles about these companies and their eligibility criteria to prepare the final list.

What We Looked For

Types of loans: Every lender doesn’t offer all the products. Some might offer short-term loans, and some might offer long-term.

Prepayment Penalties: Whether there is any penalty if you repay before time.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR): A website with a reasonable APR.

Application Process: The documentation required to fill out the form.

Customer Reviews: Whether there is some kind of issue or they have a question, whether the customers are guided well.

Terms and Conditions: The terms and conditions of each platform for each type of loan.

Credit Score: Whether the company provides loans to people with a poor credit score (as low as 450).

Time Taken: How long does a company take to review your application or connect with the lender.

Transparency: The borrowers should have an idea about the interest rates, the dates of reimbursement, or any other additional cost.

Interest Rates: There should be no hidden charges that can increase the interest rates and create an issue for the lender.

Legitimacy: The website should be legitimate and able to deliver what it says.

Safety: How your personal information is safe and secure on the website.

Your Guide To Selecting Online Payday Loans

Here are a few factors to keep in mind when you select online payday loans.

Knowing what you need

You should know your requirements, like how much loan you need and why, and whether the amount will be enough.


Rather than choosing the first site that appears on the first page of Google, research several other sites to see which one is best suited for you.

Terms and Conditions

Before confirming the deal, you must read the terms and conditions properly so that there is no fuss in the end. Every platform has different terms and conditions. So, make sure you read them carefully.

Ask questions

Whenever you connect with a lender, make sure you ask everything you have in your mind. Leave no doubts unanswered.

Interest Rates

Try to find out the interest rates provided across several platforms. Go for the platform that has the best interest rate according to you.

Reimbursement Capacity

Do not borrow more than what you can reimburse. You may feel happy to see a large amount of money at the time of receiving the loan. But remember, you won’t feel so happy when it is time to repay the loan. You’d lose your mind if you borrowed an amount that is impossible for you to repay when you get your next paycheck. Borrow only what you require and not a cent more.

Temporary Use

The money you lend in the form of a payday loan has an emergency use and should only be used for that purpose. The cycle of taking loans can be frightening to handle at times. Always stick to your decision and try getting over a hard time with minimal amounts. These are meant for a temporary situation. So, keep it that way.

Rollover Attractions

It looks very attractive at the beginning, but when the time comes to repay the loan, it brings a lot of stress, anxiety, and more problems with it. When you take the loan, pledge that you will reimburse the amount as soon as the salary arrives. If it is delayed, you have to face the consequences.

Higher Interest Rates

Payday loans are convenient for getting cash quickly. But usually, they come with a high interest rate. You will be responsible for the lender’s fee and finance charges, which are not included in the loan amount.

Furthermore, if you do not reimburse the loan on time, you will be subject to even greater interest rates, which will burn a hole in your wallet. You should avoid payday loans if you have a low income.

Ask for a Licensed Moneylender

You should look for a licensed lender before borrowing. Thousands of lenders in the financial sector may be operating in an unsafe and illegal manner. As a result, many people are forced to work with cash suppliers who charge exorbitant fees and force people into debt.

Online Payday Loans: FAQs

Q: What is a payday loan?

A: A payday loan, also called Cash Advance, can be defined as an advance amount on the next paycheck. You can ask for a small amount through a short-term loan and reimburse it when you receive the next paycheck. Payday loans are meant to be used for short terms and not long terms.

Q: What kinds of documents are required for getting a payday loan?

A: The documents required for a payday loan are similar to the documents required for other kinds of loans:

  • State or Federal id
  • A valid checking account
  • A valid phone number and email id
  • Proof of income, such as bank statements

Q: Is there a cap on the loan amounts that can be borrowed on these platforms?

A: The loan amount varies from individual to individual. It depends on a variety of aspects, like the monthly income, your previous loans, and other creditworthiness aspects.

Q: What rates and terms are we talking about?

A: The Federal Truth in Lending Regulations lays out all details, such as the APR, interest rate, the total amount, and the finance charge. If you fail to reimburse the money on time, late charges might apply to your loan.

Q: Can I make a partial payment on the money borrowed over these platforms?

A: Yes, you can make partial payments on the loan’s capital without incurring extra fees. But the terms and conditions of such partial payments vary from platform to platform and lender to lender. Read the terms and conditions properly before committing to any loan agreement.

Q: Is there an option to pay off the loan before time?

A: Yes, you can pay off the loan early and make partial payments. If you feel within 24 hours of approval that you no longer need the loan, you may annul your loan for free. But make sure to read the section relating to this under the terms and conditions section of your agreement. Try to pay early reimbursements to save yourself from the charges.

Q: How do I reimburse the payday loan?

A: There are many options for reimbursing a loan. You can either pay cash in person, or make an online payment, or just deposit a check. You can also pay directly from the bank account.

Q: How much time does it take to get the approval and the fund transferred to my account?

A: For a physical loan application, the approval takes a few days. You go to the bank, stand in the queue, and wait for long hours before applying. But, for an online loan application, you can receive the funds within 24 hours or by the next business day.

Q: Is it simple to get additional loans on payday loans?

A: Additional payday loans are simple and efficient once you repay the first. Simply return to any facility and make a fresh loan request.

Payday loans should only be utilized for short-term financial requirements, not as a long-term financial solution. Consumers who are currently struggling with their credit should seek credit counseling. Furthermore, some states impose a cooling-off period to prohibit a consumer’s access to payday loans regularly.

Q: Why are there any negative comments relating to payday loans?

A: Since these loans have higher interest rates, creditors jack up fines and interest if they are not paid on time. People who keep taking loans and end up paying a lot on the high interest rates, eventually falling behind on their payments and coming under debt. A few creditors also impose harsher penalties if a borrower fails to pay on time. Paycheck loans have become far less popular because of all of these factors.

Q: Can I extend the loan?

A: Yes, you can. But you will be expected to pay a portion of your loan, in addition to any finance charges, after six extensions. Remember, the longer you extend the loan tenure, the higher you end up paying for the loan.

Q: After the first loan is paid off, when can I get another loan?

A: You may be required to produce a bank statement with the verification of a non-pending payment to show that the previous loan has been paid in full.

Q: What is the due date of the loan?

A: In most cases, the date is within 14 days after you receive your loan. Or, you can pay the charge and prolong the loan for another 14 days.

Q: Can I get an extension if I don’t have enough money on payday to cover the balance?

A: You must call the lender at least 24 hours before your scheduled due date to request an extension. You must pay the interest on the due date, and we encourage you to keep reducing your principal loan throughout the extension period. You will minimize the interest if you contribute more to the principle.

Q: Is it possible to have two loans from different lenders?

A: Yes, it is possible, as the law permits you to have the other payday loan if you already have one. Whether you will be able to get a second loan depends on your credit history.

Our Final Thoughts

Payday Loans can be an exceptional solution when you are in a financial crisis. These loans have a lot of advantages for employed people who are in urgent need of money towards the end of the month. Through this loan, you can pay off regular bills, grocery expenses or look into any other short-term need that you have at the moment.

Although these loans do have a high interest rate, a lot of people prefer them, as they do not involve any collateral or guarantor. Besides, these loans can also be used by people who have poor credit scores or a missing credit profile.

However, with these financial emergencies, you might get attracted to a lot of alluring loan options and supposed “loan approvals”. But you must be careful. They might as well be scams. Do not fall into the trap and go for any other alternative, like low-interest credit loans or borrowing money from friends and family.

In general, you should research payday loans and be aware of all the essential information before you think of getting a payday loan. This article consists of all the crucial points that you should know before applying for a payday loan. We have provided all information about the advantages and disadvantages of payday loans, too.

Moreover, we have only mentioned genuine loan companies. We hope this information will help you make a better decision, and you won’t fall prey to a scam. We also hope that you’ll find relief from your financial troubles.

Payday loan victims only have days to get the last payment Mon, 17 Jan 2022 17:34:47 +0000 Customers who have fallen victim to unaffordable payday loans only have days to ensure they get cash back before their lender goes into administration. Cash compensation is sent to thousands of customers who have taken out loans from Money Shop, Payday Express and Payday UK clients. But watch your bank account, because if you don’t […]]]>

Customers who have fallen victim to unaffordable payday loans only have days to ensure they get cash back before their lender goes into administration.

Cash compensation is sent to thousands of customers who have taken out loans from Money Shop, Payday Express and Payday UK clients.

But watch your bank account, because if you don’t receive your payment by January 20, you’ll be too late.

Go here for the very latest breaking news from across the North East

After this date, the Instant Cash Loans (ICL) parent company will go into liquidation and you will not be able to get any more money, so you must notify ICL if you have not received your payment.

Borrowers have also been warned that if they didn’t submit a claim last year, they left it too late now to start.

If your application was accepted last year, the amount you will receive this time will be much less than the first installment, which arrived in May or June.

And borrowers will receive far less cash compensation than they were loaned, as the £18million made available by the parent company of the three Instant Cash Loans (ICL) lenders is to be shared by almost two million of affected customers.

ICL agreed to pay only 4.31 pence for each pound borrowed in the first payment and 0.65 pence for each pound borrowed via the second cash sum.

ICL stopped offering new loans to borrowers in August 2018 and announced a compensation scheme for customers who were mis-sold before October 2019.

A number of other top companies, including Wonga, QuickQuid and Peachy, also collapsed, leaving thousands of customers without full compensation for badly sold loans.

The city’s watchdog, the Financial Conduct Authority, has been urged to close the loophole to protect customers.

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Warning as millions of payday loan customers only have weeks to request repayments Sat, 08 Jan 2022 08:00:00 +0000 Four million people could be eligible for a refund – but you have until the end of February to claim it. Following a court ruling in August 2021, borrowers who were sold home loans by Provident Financial can get some of their money back. Under a new compensation agreement, customers who were wrongfully sold unaffordable […]]]>

Four million people could be eligible for a refund – but you have until the end of February to claim it.

Following a court ruling in August 2021, borrowers who were sold home loans by Provident Financial can get some of their money back.

Under a new compensation agreement, customers who were wrongfully sold unaffordable loans through Provident or the three brands it owned – Satsuma, Greenwood and Gio – can now request a refund.

READ MORE: ‘Top’ gated home on the market for a tempting price

The “scheme of arrangement” system allows customers with unpaid debts to be reimbursed.

But last year the Mirror reported that many Provident customers would find the news disappointing, as the lender believes it can only repay on average 5-10% of disputed loans.

But it’s better than nothing – and nothing was a very real possibility.

Provident asked the High Court in London to approve the scheme because it feared it could not reimburse all customers who complained without running out of money.

The financial ombudsman watchdog was on the side of customers in three-quarters of the complaints against Provident.

So it’s unlikely you’ll get all your money back, but you could still get hundreds of pounds in compensation.

You could even recover more than 10% of your loan if fewer applicants than provided by Provident.

Around 4.3 million loans are covered by the kitty, of which Provident has set aside £50 million, and were all issued between April 7, 2007 and December 17, 2020.

The loans, which were issued by the four different brands, were sold between April 6, 2007 and December 17, 2020.

To qualify for a refund, you must have taken out a loan within the period that was unaffordable.

This means that you would be unable to repay the loan along with your bills and living expenses.

But you only have a few more weeks to file a claim.

You can complain online here.

If you have a valid claim, Provident will tell you how much you will be reimbursed.

He will also show how he worked the figure he offers you.

Provident chief executive Malcolm Le May said, “We expect creditors to receive remediation payments in the second half of 2022.”

But the deal was criticized by regulator the Financial Conduct Authority, who said: “We have made it clear that we do not support the scheme for a number of reasons, including the main concern that consumers see themselves offer far less than the full amount of the repair they are due.”

The program will close before the end of February 2022.

In May 2021, Provident announced that it would retire from home loans after more than 140 years.

The lender, which reported a loss of £113m for the year, cited “changing customer preferences” for its decision to stop offering loans on people’s doorsteps.

Provident has been lending and collecting door-to-door repayments since the 1880s.

Many of his loans are for short-term repayments and are often for small amounts – usually a few hundred pounds.

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Sheffield United take out secured ‘payday loan’ against £16m Arsenal fee from Aaron Ramsdale Sat, 01 Jan 2022 08:00:00 +0000 Sheffield United have taken a loan with Macquarie secured against £16m payments from Arsenal for Aaron Ramsdale. It is not the first time the club have struck a deal with the Australian bank, having done the same with parachute payments following their relegation from the Premier League. The loan was secured against two installments the […]]]>

Sheffield United have taken a loan with Macquarie secured against £16m payments from Arsenal for Aaron Ramsdale.

It is not the first time the club have struck a deal with the Australian bank, having done the same with parachute payments following their relegation from the Premier League.

The loan was secured against two installments the Gunners owe United following the purchase of their goalkeeper in August.

Under the terms of their latest deal, documents filed with Companies House reveal the loan was secured against £8million due on July 31 and a further £8million due next year.

It is common for large transfer fees to be spread over time using installments and United are not the only club to take out a loan of this nature.

A number of clubs have followed suit with institutions such as Macquarie securing financial packages and this is seen as a faster way to access those funds.

United still owe other clubs money for their own big signings made during their time in the top flight.

The loans are seen as the footballing version of a payday loan, with Macquarie, nicknamed ‘Vampire Kangaroo’ due to its focus on profits, taking a stake in return for the huge sum.

Football finance expert Kieran Maguire predicts that figure will be between six and eight per cent.

Maguire, in an interview with the Sheffield Star , previously explained that the agreements follow the format of a payday loan.

“It’s a bit more sophisticated, but if you have cash flow problems today and you have guaranteed money in a month or a few months, then the banks will lend you on the basis that when you get that money. guaranteed, it went to the bank.”

SEC: payday loan program deprives investors of millions Tue, 28 Dec 2021 08:00:00 +0000 MIAMI — The owner of a Miami-based payday loan company defrauded hundreds of investors out of millions of dollars and paid off others with money he acquired through a Ponzi scheme , according to a newspaper report and federal regulators. Around 500 investors, including many from the Venezuelan American community in South Florida, were won […]]]>

MIAMI — The owner of a Miami-based payday loan company defrauded hundreds of investors out of millions of dollars and paid off others with money he acquired through a Ponzi scheme , according to a newspaper report and federal regulators.

Around 500 investors, including many from the Venezuelan American community in South Florida, were won over by Efrain Betancourt Jr.’s sell-thru talk about high returns on their investments in his Sky Group USA short-term lending operation, reported the Miami Herald.

The Miami Securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit against Betancourt, 33, and his company in September, the report noted. The agency accuses Betancourt of committing securities violations in a scheme that authorities call “affinity fraud.”

In addition to the SEC complaint, half a dozen other lawsuits and arbitration cases have been filed against Betancourt, according to the newspaper. He has not been criminally charged.

Betancourt spent part of the $66 million raised from the promissory notes on a lavish lifestyle that included a waterfront condo in Miami and a wedding to his fourth wife in Monaco, the SEC complaint alleges. . He also accuses him of transferring money to his ex-wife and friends and of using at least $19 million from a Ponzi-like scheme to pay interest to certain investors in order to hold off.

The SEC complaint says Sky Group and Betancourt falsely told investors that the company would use investors’ money only to make payday loans and cover the costs of those loans. They were promised annual rates of return of up to 120% on the notes.

“We continue to warn investors to beware of any investment that promises returns that are too good to be true,” Eric I. Bustillo, director of the SEC’s Miami regional office, told the Herald.

The SEC is asking for permanent injunctions and financial penalties.

The program lasted from January 2016 to March 2020, just before the start of the coronavirus pandemic, according to the complaint, which indicates that when countless borrowers defaulted on their payday loans, Sky Group encountered a serious problem of cash and was unable to pay the interest. on the promissory notes of investors.

Court records and legal documents indicate that Betancourt also falsely claimed to have law and computer engineering degrees in the United States.

Betancourt repeatedly invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination during a deposition earlier this month with an attorney representing former clients, the Herald reported. In a deposition with the same lawyer in May, he admitted that he did not have law and computer engineering degrees in the United States. But he insisted his payday loan business was legitimate and called the investors ‘lenders’ involved in funding high-interest short-term loans, which he called ‘business transactions’ .

“I made it very clear that they were investing in a payday portfolio,” Betancourt told attorney Rick Diaz.

In a motion to dismiss the suit, Betancourt defense attorney Mark David Hunter argued that the promissory notes are loans and not securities, such as stocks and bonds. Therefore, Hunter said, Betancourt and Sky Group did not break the law when they failed to repay the lenders.

Diaz described Betancourt as a “mini-Madoff”, a reference to the late New York financial adviser Bernard Madoff, who ran the largest Ponzi scheme in US history.

“I have handled, filed and defended Ponzi schemers over the years,” he told the Herald. “Efrain Betancourt is the sweetest, cruelest and most arrogant, selfish and narcissistic of them all.”

Diaz’s client, Andres Zorrilla, told the newspaper he grew suspicious when Betancourt didn’t take his calls and ignored his emails when he tried to withdraw $30,000 from his investments in the business to help cover his mother’s medical expenses. One of his emails included a photo of his mother showing the surgical stitches from brain surgery.

“The guy was just stealing money,” said Zorilla, 38, who added that he also referred his wife, brother and several other business associates to Betancourt’s company. In total, Zorrilla and his immediate family invested $150,000 in the business. They received interest payments, but lost all their capital.

“He made a lot of money and got a little crazy with the money,” Zorrilla said.

Benefits Of Payday Loan Over Pawn Shop | brand voice Thu, 23 Dec 2021 20:25:18 +0000 Details It will be more profitable to take a personal loan online than to seek help from a pawnbroker. There can only be two reasonable reasons for taking out an online payday loan. First, if you invest that money in something that will pay back many times the cost of the loan. The second is […]]]>

It will be more profitable to take a personal loan online than to seek help from a pawnbroker.

There can only be two reasonable reasons for taking out an online payday loan. First, if you invest that money in something that will pay back many times the cost of the loan. The second is the occurrence of force majeure, the consequences of which you cannot overcome without a personal loan.

Unfortunately, even highly organized and financially disciplined people are not immune to basic mistakes, accidents, and twists of fate. Together with our experts, we decided to figure out what to do if a small amount of money was needed unexpectedly and urgently. It will be more profitable to take a personal loan online than to seek help from a pawnbroker.

Pawnbroker Loan Advantages and Disadvantages

In our psychology, the association is firmly established that only people in desperate circumstances turn to pawnshops. Lying in Heirlooms or a Work Laptop: What Could Be Worse? It is always worth considering an online payday loan.

Cooperation with a pawnbroker can be very mutually beneficial. Naturally, subject to all the conditions for granting a loan including an online personal loan. The first and most important advantage of pawnbrokers is that they will not require any confirmation of creditworthiness as may be the case when receiving a payday loan in a bank without registration or even an identification code. Plus, you can even calculate a title loan using a title loan calculator at MoneyZap, if you need a loan for a very short period. To obtain money, all you have to do is provide a cash deposit and an identity document: internal passport, driver’s license, international passport, military identity card, or any other document where your full name is indicated. There must be a photo and a signature with the seal of the official who issued this document.

The second advantage is speed. No credit committees! Everything is decided directly at the pawnshop’s office. They will tell you immediately whether or not they will give it away and if so how much. Then the customer makes the decision. After all, the cost of pawnshop money is quite high: from 0.3% to 1.5% per day. That’s 109.5-547.5% per year. For comparison, even the most expensive pre-payday bank loans will cost 60-80% per year. Still, it will hardly be possible to get a loan for a year in a pawnshop.

The average loan term for these financial institutions is around one month. The maximum borrowing period for taking out a personal loan is approximately 3 months. It is only offered by major pawnshop chains.

Splendid promise to the pawnshop

Most often, pawnbrokers accept jewelry, silverware, gold bullion as collateral. When it comes to simple gold products or bullion, most pawnbrokers directly on their websites tell you how much money they are willing to give on the security of 1g of “yellow” metal. Over the course of the year, this figure has increased by several dollars. If you’re going to drop off an exquisite gem-encrusted piece of jewelry, don’t expect to get a fair price for it. Pawnbrokers are not yet allowed to trade in jewelry but only sell them for scrap.

Therefore, they are rated accordingly based on weight. There may also be problems with the laying of objects made of platinum, diamonds, emeralds. Many pawn shops simply do not have appraisers (as a rule, they are part of large network pawn shops). If there is still an appraiser in the pawnshop, then on jewelry security you can get 50-70% of its value. This is due to the fact that the market for gemstones is somewhat limited. Therefore, it can be difficult to sell them further for pawnbrokers. In this case, the online personal loan wins.

Online payday loan or pawnbroker?

Many people have more than once found themselves in a situation where the money is needed in a few hours. It’s good if you have relatives or friends who are ready to lend you a shoulder at any time and lend you money “until payday”. If this does not concern you, then each time you find yourself in a similar situation. You need to look for a lender to take a online personal loan.

Some of the most popular lenders are pawnbrokers and microfinance organizations that can lend you money or a payday loan. The conditions for obtaining a loan from these organizations are fundamentally different. Therefore, before making a choice, carefully weigh the pros and cons of both lenders when taking out a personal loan online.

Loan in a pawnshop: what is the problem?

A pawnbroker is a point of issuing loans secured by a property. This property is the main disadvantage of pawnbrokers. To get a loan, you will have to give (even temporarily) something of value. Can be used as collateral:

– valuable jewelry;

– precious metals in ingots;

– precious stones;

– collectible coins, weapons;

– precious alloy rewards;

– Appliances.

In addition, you will have to entrust your property to a stranger. Its value must exceed the amount of the loan by at least one third. In some cases, the assessed value of the collateral must be twice the value borrowed. Few people are satisfied with such conditions. So, other people are increasingly turning to microfinance organizations and getting payday loans online on better terms.

Benefits of microcredit

Microfinance organizations (MFOs) are companies that lend to borrowers without requiring the provision of collateral. These companies appeared on the loan market relatively recently, but deservedly managed to gain popularity. Microfinance organizations operate according to a simplified scheme. To apply for a personal loan online, simply fill out a form made up of simple fields. By taking out a personal loan from an MFI, you can get money on any bank card. Most MFIs grant a loan within 10-30 minutes. To receive money, you don’t have to leave your home, as payday loan services process applications online.

There is another advantage to applying for a personal loan from an MFI. If it is impossible to repay the debt on time, you can “negotiate” with the MFI. Most pawnbrokers, in the event of a delay in repaying the debt, do not make a ceremony and immediately put the property up for sale. Microfinance organizations offer the possibility of deferring payment or extending the term taking into account the current situation of the borrower. At the same time, the MFI can increase the loan rate but you will not lose your property and can return the money to you as soon as you have it.

The main advantages of MFOs over pawnbrokers can be formulated as follows:

– no need to pay a deposit;

– the most simplified loan scheme;

– the efficiency of the processing of applications;

– the possibility of obtaining a home loan;

– a more loyal attitude towards the borrower.

Thus, taking out a payday loan online is more cost-effective and convenient than giving a valuable piece of jewelry, gear, or grandpa’s reward to a “foreign uncle.” The MFI transfers money to any card within half an hour and does not require confirmation of the creditworthiness of the borrower. What else could be easier?

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Every detail you have to know in order to be able to apply for a payday credit Thu, 23 Dec 2021 16:26:21 +0000 PaydayNow Cash Loans provides payday loans online to cover unexpected or emergency costs. The payday loans are intended to help people who have immediate or unexpected expenses get the cash they need within a short period of time. If you are in need of cash quick and don’t want manage your bank, PaydayNow payday loans […]]]>

PaydayNow Cash Loans provides payday loans online to cover unexpected or emergency costs.

The payday loans are intended to help people who have immediate or unexpected expenses get the cash they need within a short period of time.

If you are in need of cash quick and don’t want manage your bank, PaydayNow payday loans online are an excellent alternative, they can be a great assist. Payday loans are the most quick and efficient way to obtain the money you require.

Payday loans are a not-secure kind of loan that is only for a shorter duration. This means that you do not need to provide collateral in order in order to be eligible. Instead, the loan’s eligibility is determined by the capacity of the borrower to repay the cash.

That means that you’ve got an income stream that is steady then you could be eligible to receive a payday loans.

Focus cash Loans is a dependable online lender that has been helping Canadians throughout the day electronic payday loans that transfer in Canada since the year 2008.

These loans available are intended for use on a short-term basis and permit you to get loans over 1500 dollars. The funds will be transferred directly into your bank account within few minutes.

If you’re employed and getting unemployment insurance (EI), Canada Pension Plan Private Pension, or private pension or disability insurance through private insurance and are directly depositing money into your bank account and you’re eligible, then you’re qualified . Your net income should be greater than 1200 dollars each month.

Focus cash Loans does not run credit checks. They simply check the activity that your banking account is registering. There aren’t any additional fees or charges which are hidden from the payday loans that they provide.

A request process for personal loans is simple and simple. All you have to do is fill out the personal loan application on the form online. It is not necessary to submit your documents via email or by fax.

The process of applying for loans is processed digitally and processed via an on-line platform, which is safe. The application is only five seconds long to complete and is done from the comfort of the at house. The money is transferred within one hour after you’ve been accepted.

It’s not a need to stress about late deadlines, NSF charges or unexpected expenses because Focus Cash Loan has you secured. If you have a cash shortage prior to your next pay day, just submit an online form to get a loan the next date.

Thousands of payday loan and home loan debt canceled for Satsuma and Provident customers Mon, 20 Dec 2021 08:00:00 +0000 THOUSANDS of customers who have taken out payday loans and borrowed money through home loans have had their debts forgiven. Anyone with an outstanding loan with Provident or Satsuma will no longer need to repay what they owe. 1 Thousands of loans have been wiped out – but millions of customers could be repaidCredit: Getty […]]]>

THOUSANDS of customers who have taken out payday loans and borrowed money through home loans have had their debts forgiven.

Anyone with an outstanding loan with Provident or Satsuma will no longer need to repay what they owe.


Thousands of loans have been wiped out – but millions of customers could be repaidCredit: Getty

Provident announced earlier this year that it was closing its home loans after nearly 150 years in business.

The company’s online payday loan business, Satsuma, was also shut down.

Since then, he hasn’t taken on new clients, but anyone with an existing loan still had to make repayments.

Now, Provident and Satsuma customers with outstanding loans have been notified that they will no longer have to repay the money they owe.

Both businesses will close permanently by the end of the year and outstanding balances will be reduced to zero.

A spokesperson for Provident said: “Provident Financial Group has informed Mortgage and Satsuma customers that effective December 15 it has stopped collecting their payments and all outstanding customer loans are now written off.

“Customer credit files are also being updated to show a zero balance. PFG’s consumer credit division will close as scheduled on December 31, 2021.”

It is understood that tens of thousands of borrowers are affected by the loan cancellation.

They will see their loan marked as settled or partially settled on their credit report and will not have to do anything.

No more refunds will be made after December 31 and anyone who makes one after that date will be refunded the money.

If your money has been forwarded to a debt collector acting on behalf of Provident or Satsuma, the loan is written off.

But if your loan was sold to another company because you fell behind, you still owe the money and MUST continue to make repayments.

Sara Williams from debt advice website DebtCamel, said, “This write-off is a nice Christmas surprise for people with Provident and Satsuma loans who were struggling to repay them.”

But customers whose debt has been written off should also make a claim if they believe they were wrongly sold on a loan from Provident or Satsuma.

She said: “Anyone who has suffered this write-off should now consider making a claim on the pension scheme.

“Getting the balance may have been your top priority, but if your application is confirmed, any negative marks on your credit report for unaffordable Provident and Satsuma loans will be removed.

“It may be worth more to you than getting money back.”

Cashback for badly sold loans

About 4 million customers could be owed money if they wrongly received a loan.

This goes for those who still had an outstanding loan that has now been written off and those who have already paid it off – even many years ago.

Anyone who took out a loan from Provident or Satsuma between April 6, 2007 and December 17, 2020 could be eligible.

They must, however, claim the money and have until the end of February next year to apply.

Customers who took loans from Greenwood or Glo, which were also managed by Provident, could also be indebted in cash.

To get a refund, your loan must be deemed “unaffordable” and the majority of complaints about Provident have been upheld due to a lack of proper affordability checks.

A loan is only affordable if you can make the repayments while still being able to pay all your regular bills and living expenses.

On the other hand, if your loan repayments meant you had to take on more debt or default, it was probably unaffordable.

The amount you get back will depend on how much you have borrowed and how long you have borrowed, as well as how many other people are asking for a refund, as there is a fixed amount of money to give away.

The money will be distributed after the redemption program closes on February 28, 2022.

You can read more about how to claim if you think you’ve been wrongfully sold a Provident or Satsuma loan in our guide.

Thousands of pounds could be owed to you by other providers who have mis-sold loans and other financial products.

Half a million Sunny payday loan customers had their credit records wiped out last year due to badly sold loans.

Mortgage Advisor explains why you should never include jokes when transferring money to your friends

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93% of payday loan borrowers regret taking their loan, survey finds Mon, 06 Dec 2021 08:00:00 +0000 article Payday loans can be a debt trap for borrowers who cannot afford to make payments. Here’s how you can pay off your payday loan balance before it’s sent to debt collectors. (Stock) Payday lenders prey on borrowers with bad credit who desperately need money, trapping them in a cycle of high-interest, hard-to-pay debt. The […]]]>

Payday loans can be a debt trap for borrowers who cannot afford to make payments. Here’s how you can pay off your payday loan balance before it’s sent to debt collectors. (Stock)

Payday lenders prey on borrowers with bad credit who desperately need money, trapping them in a cycle of high-interest, hard-to-pay debt.

The vast majority (93%) of borrowers regret taking out their personal loan, according to a new survey from DebtHammer. Only 1% of respondents said their financial situation improved after taking out a payday loan, while 84% said it got worse.

Payday loans allow consumers to borrow small, short-term cash loans without a credit check. But the typical repayment term is just two weeks, leading 4 out of 5 borrowers to take out a new personal loan to pay off their current debt, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) reported.

It is possible to get out of payday loan debt without renewing your loan and incurring additional fees. Keep reading to learn how to break the cycle of payday borrowing, like consolidating debt with a personal loan. You can compare debt consolidation loan rates for free on Credible without affecting your credit score.


3 ways to get out of a personal loan

The average cost of a payday loan equates to an annual percentage rate (APR) of almost 400% – in other words, borrowers who keep renewing their payday loans could pay 4 times the amount they originally borrowed over the course of a year.

Payday lenders may trick you into thinking that renewing your loan is the only way to pay off your debt, but that’s not the case. Here are some alternative ways to break the cycle of payday loans:

  1. Debt consolidation loans
  2. Extended payment plans
  3. credit counseling

Learn about each repayment plan in the sections below.


1. Debt consolidation loans

Personal loans are lump-sum loans that are commonly used to consolidate higher interest rate debt, such as payday loans. They come with fixed interest rates and repayment terms, which means your monthly payments will be the same while you pay down your debt.

These debt consolidation loans are usually unsecured, meaning you don’t have to provide any assets as collateral. Because they are unsecured, lenders determine your interest rate and eligibility based on your credit score and debt-to-equity ratio.

Well-qualified borrowers can benefit from a low rate on a personal loan for debt consolidation. Personal loan rates are near all-time lows, according to the Federal Reserve, with an average of 9.39% in Q3 2021.


Some credit unions also offer small Alternative Payday Loans (PALs), which allow members to borrow up to $2,000 with an interest rate capped at 28%. However, these loans can be difficult to find because only a small portion of credit unions offer PALs.

You can see if you qualify for a debt consolidation loan on Credible with a soft credit check, which will not impact your credit score. Use a personal loan calculator to estimate your monthly payments to see if this option can help you get out of your payday loan debt.


2. Extended Payment Plans

An Extended Payment Plan (EPP) allows payday loan borrowers to pay off their debt over a longer period than the typical two-week repayment term. Many states require payday lenders to offer PPE, so you’ll need to research your state laws to see if you qualify.

Some payday lenders may offer EPRs whether or not they are required by law to do so. The lenders belonging to the Community Financial Services Association of America (CFSA) are required to offer EPPs to borrowers, but other financial institutions may not offer this option.


3. Credit counseling

Non-profit credit counseling agencies offer free or low-cost services to borrowers who are struggling to manage their debt. One such service includes enrolling payday loan borrowers in a debt management plan (DMP).

As part of a DMP, a credit counselor will help you create a debt repayment budget and schedule. Credit counselors may be able to help you negotiate with payday lenders to lock in a lower interest rate or reduce the loan amount.

You can see a complete list of certified non-profit credit counselors on the justice department website. If you still have questions about payday loan debt relief, learn more about debt consolidation by contacting a knowledgeable loan officer on Credible.


Do you have a financial question, but you don’t know who to contact? Email the Credible Money Expert at and your question might be answered by Credible in our Money Expert column.